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Highly Reviewed Women's Walking Shoes

Walking is a terrific way to get some cardiovascular exercise, lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. Women who use walking as a means of physical activity reduce the risk of some cancers, heart problems, depression and type 2 diabetes. The only thing you need is a great pair of shoes, and the following women's walking shoes reviews give you an idea of which ones to choose....(more)

Athletic Shoe Reviews: MBT Sport Walkers by Swiss Masai

The MBT Sport Walker shoes by Swiss Masai come in both men's and women's styles. MBT stands for "Masai Barefoot Technology" and the shoes were designed and developed to help wearers mimic the walking patterns of the Masai tribal people of Africa....(more)

Top-selling Light Weight Walking Shoes for Seniors

When shopping for a walking shoe, seniors want to keep an eye out for something light and supportive. Lightweight walking shoes give you a spring in your step and help you avoid fatigue. Shoes that are light and designed to give your foot the support it needs help prevent injury. These five shoes offer both qualities....(more)

The Top Stability Walking and Hiking Shoes for Women

New research shows that the bulky walking shoes that have been so prevalent for decades now may not be the best for your feet. Lighter-weight shoes that allow for foot motion and feel good on your feet may be a better choice. When you have particular concerns about stability, walking shoe choice is crucial. Here are some of the top walking and hiking shoes for women in terms of stability....(more)


Treatment and Prevention of a Black Toenail From Running

If you are a regular runner, you may notice your toenail turning black on occasion. While a black toenail usually is nothing of major concern, understanding how it occurs can help you prevent a black toenail from developing and help you develop a more effective treatment strategy....(more)

Essential Tips for Preventing Burning Feet While Exercising

The sensation of your feet burning is not a pleasant one, especially when you're trying to exercise. This ailment is more common in the middle-aged population, but it has been known to happen to young people. Whether it barely bothers you at all or creates intense pain, there are a number of things to consider to help your feet stop burning....(more)

Common Symptoms of West Nile Meningitis

West Nile meningitis is a neuroinvasive disease, which means that it is able to invade your central nervous system. It starts when you are infected with the West Nile virus and then develops into West Nile fever. West Nile meningitis is much more serious; find out about some of the common symptoms of this disease so you can seek immediate treatment....(more)


Online Reviews of the Most Popular Pedometers

Different pedometers showcase different qualities. Looking at reviews of different pedometers gives you the consumer a good idea of the most appropriate one to purchase....(more)

The Best Digital Pedometers for Walking

You'd be amazed by how many calories you burn every day by just walking. You can keep a pedometer in your pocket to keep track of your steps and find out how many calories you burn. Or if walking is your preferred type of exercise, you can wear a stylish pedometer wristband instead....(more)

Walking for Fitness? Use a Calorie Counter as a Caculator to Find Your Results

Whether you are looking to lose weight or just get some exercise, walking is an excellent way to improve your overall health. There are many ways to track how far you are walking or the amount of calories you are burning during your workout. One of the best ways to track your fitness is to use a calorie calculator when walking....(more)